Monday, June 18, 2007

Better Late than Never

Happy Father's Day.

This one goes out to Dad. We all miss you. Thanks for everything.

I was going to put a short story here. Maybe something about how I'd take a good number of punches in the gut just to get even the worst of days back.

To all the fathers and would be fathers, just remember it's the seemingly smallest actions that speak the loudest.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Perscription for a Fever

I know that occasionally I tailspin a bit with regards to desiring some material item that I really don't need. I'm vaguely aware that none such items will really make me a better person or even the world a better place. After last weekend's Trek100 ride, I came up with a medium case of Madone fever.

I love riding the four bikes I have. As of recently, I have had a chance to give each and every one a proper ride. A few weeks ago at New Fane, the ATX780 got to ride on real dirt. Not long before that, I took the fixed gear bike out for it's first proper "road tire" ride of the year. Reluctantly, I rode the triathlon bike 100 miles at the Trek100 because crowded charity rides are for road bikes, and not time trial / ride. I was only reluctanttri bikes.. I was super extra careful on it.

Where then was the road bike? In the shop for a week or so. I'm not going to admit why. I got it back and finally, Saturday I took it out for 60 miles in some real wind. I did zone 3 and zone 4 efforts for 4 hours. I rode up north to some road, then rode out until that road ended. It was just what the doc ordered. Prescription filled.

And just for good measure, I spent Sunday night on the trainer for another 2:30. That will rest some of those demons who wish me to spend my cash "just because I've never ridden a bike made of cubit zirconium".

Mind you, I saw the Madones up close. They are pretty. They do make you want to want to ride them. First reports are they are engineering feats of lightness. Lance likes them. What's not to like?

I talked myself out of it.. The kids will eat for another week.

Friendly service announcement: Ride your bike, until the demons are gone.