Saturday, April 29, 2006

No one needs to save me....

See Friday's post. Here's to better days after 2.3 hours on the bike and no pages from work, I'm off and running again. Phew. Hope it keeps up.

A good lesson..

Just because you and your friends can't read it, doesn't mean your friendly neighborhood FBI can't read it. I often hear about "encrypted" things as if that's some magic word that means those things can't be read by any. Well here is one example of a guy for whom that assumption didn't work out so well. That article has a few days on it, but it stuck in my head enough to show up in my view.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ouch.. It was going so well.

So far, my triathlon season started off with a bang. I bought an 18 week 1/2 Iron plan from Rich Strauss and was off and rocking. A minor break for a trip to Disney World , then I was off and running. I felt great. Hit all my workouts. A few were 5 minutes short, and a few were 5 minutes long. All in all, a couple of banner weeks. Waiting for the crash (it was going too well)... Here it is.. On-call week, mind you not all that bad work-wise. But a few ill-timed pages put my off 2/3rds of my swims. I've put in less then 1/2 the hours I'm supposed to have for the week. And my diet want's to compensate... I hate to sound doom and gloom, but I want to log what is hopefully a low point. Here's to better times. If you don't hear from me by Tuesday, bring a bike over and throw me onto it and push me out the door. It's just one week, right?