Sunday, March 07, 2010

Coughing Fits

Anxiously heading into 2010 with a similar list of improvements I'd like to see. Hoping to get even closer to that fit picture I have of myself. I have spent a few weeks of regular, consistent riding and or running here and there. Alternating weeks of some horrid uber cough have left me taking some time out.

Yesterday I hit up the local doc, knowing I had waited the essential "how long has this been going on" period of 7 months (or 2 weeks).

As I sit typing this, the antibiotics are taking hold. Ready to rid my body of that horrid cough so I can put it back to work. Time to grab the hammer and start molding it into shape.

I foisted myself out of the stone ages and picked up a front shock for that there new 29er I got last year. I'm calling it an opportunity for extra downhill courage with the added benefit of saving my "not getting any younger" wrists. We'll see what happens.