Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Situational Conditioning

I've got a test coming up. I want to get re-certified.

I don't fully appreciate many of the certifications in my line of work, but this one was a challenge. The list of certified professionals is relatively short. I was an early adopter. And I felt it was worth keeping.

It's been some time since I've had to study in any capacity. There is the hitch. Now, I have seen some commercials about "the new learning" and all. New learning, indeed.

I have received mp3's of my material. It's Unix security related. So, my headphones are spitting out about 40 hours of Unix threats from the past 25 years. All the while I'm gasping and choking on 15F degree air. I've done some wacky things, but listening to "how to hack and protect computers" while running is most definitely different.

So, will I need to get a treadmill for the test?

I like it. Maybe I should swap this for the TV while doing rollers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What It Is

How many times can a guy post a "getting back at it" or "now I'm really hitting it" resolutions style post?

Here I am again. Viruses ran amok in the family again. Things are clearing up for me. And now I ran. I biked. I'm curtailing my eating properly.

Where I am is the good ol' US of A. As such, I was hoping for some more immediate results. Yet, perhaps this is the year of knuckling down. This is the year to watch every move and get them all right. Now is the time to act like we deserve that big ol' "I'm an American" stamped on your forehead. Instead of telling everyone else what's good for them. Take some stock in yourself. It's time to shine.

(self pep talk over. I have to go study for a test)

Friday, January 16, 2009


I could not help but be inspired to go through 1-2 old photos this week.

Back story:

It was the early 90's. Love was in the air. And my girl planned us a trip out West. I had me a brand new, over sized, could not be heavier if I brazed on some lead tires Giant Iguana. I took my new tank and a trusty pair of jeans shorts out to Slickrock with my girl, and we had ourselves a ball. (also, I really dug the beef, Cheddar and peppers on toast in town).

Also "en route" over that spring break would have been Sedona, and a few other fun stops.

Fun times indeed. Minus doing the math wrong on coming back. Some how "still in AZ on Saturday" doesn't match up with "class on Monday" too well. Indeed, it was a thirty some hour drive straight back, save the pancake house stop and a few naps.

It wasn't until I got back wherein I noticed a few of the places we had been in some of my magazines. Heck, she took me out to some signed and sealed mountain biking Mecca's. Take note kids, if you find a girl like that.. hang on.

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Not Blogging...

On the off chance you read this and haven't been here yet. Now you've been told.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snap Out of It

So, I've been riding. Posting, not so much. Bear with me until things get better.

In the mean time, check out the commuter's next must have!

Bike lines for every road.

I for one, am rather anti bike lane. This version though, I love. Maybe it's just bright enough to wake a few of those motorists up. Or more likely, accidentally flash in their eye. Hopefully taking their attention off the cell conversation long enough to keep them from buzzing you.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Feed a Cold

All that New Year's resolution stuff is out the window. Some virus thinks I need to follow the "feed a cold". I'm trying to do so in moderation, but food does seem to help my overall health-o-meter.

Luckily I know better than to sweat a few days lost at the start of a year.

Keeping up with the core workouts.. The rest have been replaced by sleep. The worst part is when I stop riding, I spend more time lusting.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Obligatory Resolutions Post

I spent New Year's Day biking down to watch some crazy polar bear swimmers at the lake. My best estimation was there were way more spectators vs participants this year. It gets more crowded every year. The '09 swim brought wall to wall (or shoreline to beach house) onlookers. The street was all boogered up with traffic. It was quite a sight.

We took the kids to see Bolt. That was fun.

On the way home we caught some Kopps. I manned up by NOT ordering fries, but in true JWM fashion had to reward myself (for not getting fries?) with a sundae of the month. The January sundae has truly delicious flavoring. It also has quite a story dating way back to when JWM had just met Mrs. JWM. More on that some other time.

As flavorfulishiously rewarding as the sundae was, I couldn't shake the felling that I ate too much of it. And the result was I didn't feel tip top. I went for a 4 mile run. Said "good night" to the kids. and hit some core workouts.

All this leaves me to reassess why I eat such things (again). It's a new year and time yet again to hit the button and reflect on self improvement.

Additionally, I've got an "new mountain bike" incentive for myself. It's hanging as a carrot (or an ice cream sundae). I have a mental image/goal of me whopping it up at Chequamegon on a new 29er single speed bike. This picture is my resolution and goal.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Go do your polar bear swim or whatever it is you are going to do this year.

Reset your counters and such. Don't forget the lessons you learned last year.

Good luck.