Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Situational Conditioning

I've got a test coming up. I want to get re-certified.

I don't fully appreciate many of the certifications in my line of work, but this one was a challenge. The list of certified professionals is relatively short. I was an early adopter. And I felt it was worth keeping.

It's been some time since I've had to study in any capacity. There is the hitch. Now, I have seen some commercials about "the new learning" and all. New learning, indeed.

I have received mp3's of my material. It's Unix security related. So, my headphones are spitting out about 40 hours of Unix threats from the past 25 years. All the while I'm gasping and choking on 15F degree air. I've done some wacky things, but listening to "how to hack and protect computers" while running is most definitely different.

So, will I need to get a treadmill for the test?

I like it. Maybe I should swap this for the TV while doing rollers.

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T mon T said...

careful . . . . i once met an attorney, who in his younger years had been a vagabond bike racer - doing well enuf so he was able to go to europe and race as an am over there, making a go of things and living-the-dream for a spell.

he was super-bitter about the whole thing.

way bitter, saying "if i woulda read a law-book for every stupid 100 mile i've ever done i coulda been F. Lee Focking Bailey by now".

dude was hateful.