Wednesday, June 28, 2006


40 minutes into my two hour run this morning, a bird attacked me. Attacked is loosely used to mean, it was attempting to land on my head. Then it proceeded to freak out when I wasn't it's nest. The remaining 80 minutes of my run were uneasy when other birds were in sight. Next time my foul friend, I'll be ready for you. I needed a Hitchcock music theme in my mp3 player.

Be careful out there.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Making Virtual More Like Reality Everyday

I'm not sure I want my computer virtual desktop to look more like my real desktop. Could be it would digitally reveal too much about me. That can't be good. That said, I was bumping around and found this BumpTop desktop prototype. Go check out the video. Neato stuff. That is all.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Price of Freedom

Mini bike pump $18. Two extra Cartridges $7. One spare tube $5. Old patch kit and tire levers, written off already. Fixing a flat 20 miles out, and continuing away from home... Priceless.
Today, I picked up a messenger bag which is too cool for me. But it will be more than capable as a vessel to carry my work supplies to and from work. Next up, more commuting on the bike. Less gas, starting in the morning. More on this later.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Out for a movie...

After a rather extensive effort to take the kids to see "Cars", we came home empty handed. We showed up 15 minutes prior to 1:00 PM showtime only to be next in line when they found out it was sold out. So, off to the Fox Bay Cinema Grill for the 1:45 show. We arrive there in time to learn they had a power outage in the theater, next show 4:15 PM.. All that driving and nothing to show for it.
Home for the kids nap time, will try again a different day. My system might go into shock if I saw a real live movie in a theater anyway.

A wonderful carry-out dinner from Buca's. Sure, I over indulged slightly, but Father's days are finite.

About 7:40 PM I lament over my lack of movie viewing for the day. Seconds to spare, my wife mentions "Inconvenient Truth" plays at 8:00 PM local and says "Off you go!" Sure, it's a lecture. Yes, many will not want to hear it. But, please go see it and make up your own mind. If nothing else, I get to bike to work more.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

MACC Fund Trek 100 Ride

Saturday was the MACC Fund Trek 100. What a beautiful day. 100 kilometers (63 miles) on the fixed gear went great. Only in the last 5-8 miles did my legs get a bit heavy.. (100 miles would have been bit of a stretch). Downhills are much worse than up. There was one "not so cool" uphill near the end, but really it was hardly worth mentioning (just the worst one of the day). I passed droves of riders that were taking it easy on early uphills (rollers). I was suprised that I saw no other fixed wheels, but I heard rumors of a few fixed gears on the 37 miler.. Could be I just didn't notice.. In that same vein, I got tons of stares/kudos/props/whatnot from folks noting the fixed gear bike (little did they know, it's not much harder than a "normal" bike). Fun was had by me and all.
Of course, I made the most of each and every aid station. Tons of great food. Of note was the Culver's frozen custard, Famous Dave's bread pudding w/ praline/pecan sauce, and Starbuck's.
The weather could not have been much better. Perhaps if it had been hotter, then I maybe wouldn't have forgotten sunscreen. Doh!
Volunteers on this ride were second to none. It is tough stuff hearing some of the kids stories. They are amazing. Greg Lemond was there, reportedly Tim Deboom and Bob Roll too, but I didn't see Tim or Bob. All around I give this ride and charity a huge thumbs up.

And a grand "Thank You!" to all those who sponsored me on the ride. Posted by Picasa