Sunday, June 18, 2006

Out for a movie...

After a rather extensive effort to take the kids to see "Cars", we came home empty handed. We showed up 15 minutes prior to 1:00 PM showtime only to be next in line when they found out it was sold out. So, off to the Fox Bay Cinema Grill for the 1:45 show. We arrive there in time to learn they had a power outage in the theater, next show 4:15 PM.. All that driving and nothing to show for it.
Home for the kids nap time, will try again a different day. My system might go into shock if I saw a real live movie in a theater anyway.

A wonderful carry-out dinner from Buca's. Sure, I over indulged slightly, but Father's days are finite.

About 7:40 PM I lament over my lack of movie viewing for the day. Seconds to spare, my wife mentions "Inconvenient Truth" plays at 8:00 PM local and says "Off you go!" Sure, it's a lecture. Yes, many will not want to hear it. But, please go see it and make up your own mind. If nothing else, I get to bike to work more.

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