Saturday, February 02, 2013

Small Pushes

Skipping a ton of background, I'd like to frame out this whole "Arrowhead 135" desire brewing before rumors are abound.

First, years ago I saw the fat bikes used at Arrowhead (from reading internet) a few years back.  They were using 2 rims laced together to make one wide rim, Pugsleys were maybe just a frame you could buy.. maybe.  And while there was a certain allure to the race, I never thought I'd do it.  It is probably worth mentioning I had an addiction to reading Icebike's website at the time too.

Second, I immediately saw the allure of a fat bike (the bike blogger's equivalent to "I was into Spinal Tap before the movie" for sure).  At any rate, I have long seen the fat bike as a "hey, let's just go ride and have a blast no matter where we end up" kind of bike.  Which fits me (slow guy that attends a few races as social events).

Not sure what order the rest of this stuff all goes in, but last weekend I did the Noque 25km Snow Bike race.  I should probably put up some sort of race report, but will just say at this point it was an all out blast!  Non-stop fun.  Grinning from ear-to-ear.  I am hooked on snow bike races.  And, let's just say I left plenty of room for improvement out there on the course.

Other pertinent information.  I am not a camper.  We love loading up the family in a mini-van and taking a gigantic tent to a state park.  We also love to eat at the local diners when doing so.  So to compare that with loading up a bike with all my supplies and hoping to survive the weekend, I'm a beginner. (let's not mention the 25 below part)

Currently 0F - 20F is "cold" but doable for me.  Northern MN at the end of January is in a different ball game.

So, small pushes.  I would guess the next step is to figure out how to load the bike up with camping gear and go.  Plan to meet the family at a state park somewhere.  Probably I should check out volunteering at Arrowhead 135.  I'm thinking this is some kinda 5 year plan where the culmination is to find out if the Arrowhead is even something I care to do.  I do love the idea though.  It's just as likely I end up with a greater fondness of camping and self reliance, and that would be grand.

Probably should put this on the list.. Find an Arrowhead participant and buy them a beer.  Know anyone?