Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The best way I can describe it is stepping off a cliff at night with your eyes closed, or so I imagine. A regular reader might note a sudden lack of updates out here on the blog. Here's what happens to me. It's a pattern I have to work on. This year, at least I'm getting better sleep.

I'm cruising along just dandy in my workouts, posting new highs or personal records or both. I'm not even quite believing how far along I am, and it's only April. Then something comes up at work, one or both kids get sick, that spreads back and forth between the kids and my wife, the dog needs three teeth out, our family babysitter heads out to vacation, and I am left fighting off the illnesses the kids have.

The good news, I don't get bogged down and depressed about it. I just deal. This is the levitation part. But, I'm also not moving forward.

My typical reaction is to shutdown some to all of the workouts. In years past this meant fitting in a run or two here and there. This year, my knee is tweaked in conjunction with all this other stuff. This year, I'm spending the time on the bike trainer. My "off" weeks are still 6 hours or more from biking. It should also be noted, that these bike rides were what saved me from falling "Alice in Wonderland" style into the well.

Time to stop floating and get back in the game. It took me about 2 weeks to realize the simple remedy for my knee. Problem, knee hurts after 35-40 minutes of running. Solution, run 20-25 minutes, very often. I'm on day two of that plan. Also, spend the extra time stretching before and after. I'm hopeful, as the not running solution was not working.

If anyone has secret solutions for keeping the rest of the family healthy so my immune system doesn't have to continually fight all this mojo off, I would happily take them as suggestions.

I'm not fretting, but it's time to float back to the plan.

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Triteacher said...

Six hours biking per week - dude, give me some of that motivation and I'll do all your running for you!!

What's with your knee? Any clues? Do ice baths touch it? (Do you touch ice baths?)

Glad to hear you're levitating. :)