Saturday, December 08, 2007


Not to be out done by other bloggin', bikin', belchin' folks.. I headed out for some sushi the other day. I was in Minneapolis with not much else to do. I hit Sakura with the boss (the work one, not the home one). Good food and good time had all around.

After a few (OK many few) years of my brother trying unsuccessfully to get me to like sushi, I was in a new mindset this day. I piled up the ginger slices, and plenty of the beloved yet attention getting wasabi.. Turned out to be pretty good! Sure I had some soup, salad, tempura and all to keep it real.. Oishi!

Between this and some learn Japanese podcasts, I'm set for a vacation.

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tosacrosser said...

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. You wanna try the real deal? None of that soup and salad nonsense. Those things just take up room in your stomach that could be dedicated to sushi and sashimi.

They don't call me the fishmonger for nothing.....