Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

'08 - day 1.

Soreness kicked in from yesterday's strength workout. I plan on going back tomorrow.. Hopefully after a few weeks I can upgrade from fly paper to Lego blocks as weights.

45 minutes on the trainer loosened me up a bit.

I slightly lament missing out on watching the Polar Bears ring in the new year today.. I'm not crazy enough to do it in 20 degree weather, but it might be fun to watch!

Wish me luck on day 2 of strength training tomorrow. It is the right move for me.

Resolutions? Nah, not this year. I have ideas, but not resolutions. Though I do need a new mantra.

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Rural Girl said...

Mantras are the bomb. Get me through a lot of race situations. Let us know any of yours when you come up with them.