Saturday, August 08, 2009

True Story

So, I had a broken spoke. I replaced it on my own. Then there was a slight wiggle/wobble in the rear wheel. Just to be safe, I drug over to Ben's and spent a 5er for a few minutes of insurance. And yes, there were no wiggles after that. Well worth the trip.

I got the thing all back together and in hope of tomorrow being open trails. One last check. I spun the front wheel to make sure it was in straight. Then I wondered, had I crashed unknowingly? front looks so untrue it's ridiculous.

Thinking the way to fix it was to tighten up the spokes that had unseated/settled ( as that was the likely cause ). I now know the error of that logic.

In any case, later after the beach party I'm going to sit w/ my bike upside down in the living room and see if I can't fix it. Otherwise, tomorrow's ride will be fixed gear and as far as I feel like going. (guessing far)..

I was cranky tonight.. Good ride, but I yelled at a lady to get off the phone and drive.. not really like me. Breathe. Just ride.

Not sure if it was the Milwaukee Orange One, or the fatty jersey. I got mucho waves from the other biker peeps today. Perhaps everyone was just happy the sun came out maybe.

See you out there.

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