Monday, October 13, 2014

Whoa, Maybe I'll try this coffeeneuring thing.

I've noticed coffeeneuring as a thing the last couple years. I'm unsure why it took me this long to grab on an give it a try.  Perhaps it has something to do with the timing of grad school and what-not..

It's already weekend #2 by those who started day one.  And I needed to invoke Rule #16 (the Tara rule, aka Columbus Day) to even get going on it.

Anyway, I strapped the GoPro to the handlebars, put it on "take a bunch of photos" mode, and picked a few.  Here goes.

Roll out with T.  Damp dirt riding just to keep me humble.

Extreme leaning.  Ahem.

Whoa, fog!

Roll past MaM.  Always makes me smile.

Out on the lake, Discovery world and tall ship.

And Soup Bros (didn't see an official link).  I consider this a must try place.

But don't try to ride home with the soup.  There was an "incident" and we opted to eat it at the side of the road.  Do not look closely at my wife's fork, or you will see soup.

What a great day of just riding around.  All in all about 17 easy/medium miles.  At the end of the ride, I stopped my my local coffee shop for a mocha and a pound of espresso beans for the house.

Where: Colectivo Shorewood
What: 3 shot mocha and a pound of Toro beans
Bike: Milwaukee Orange one single speed.
Bike Friendliness score : high.  There was a bakfiet parked right behind me in this picture.There are a number of places to lock bikes, and local streets are not strangers to bicyclists.
Mileage: 17.4.

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