Thursday, September 07, 2006

This Is It.

After a pause in blogging.. Here I am. Sorry to the vast sea of fans that religiously read my blog.

The goal was to finish Racine my way, whatever that meant. This year I did that. I had a "good" race. While my swim was not fast, I managed to get out of the water feeling well and ready to go on the bike. I cut 10+ minutes off the bike. And for the second time in 4 tries, I "ran" the entire run (minus aid stations).
Fast forward to September.... This coming weekend is the 5th Ironman Wisconsin . Since 2002 (when I volunteered), I have had this race "on my radar". I wanted to go in with some idea what I'm in for. So, I decided to do the Racine 1/2 until "I got it right". That did not mean "fast" or "winning" or anything.. But, I think I have some idea what time I have to train and what I can put into Ironman training. See paragraph one. Send me a link to this post in one year! That said, I'll be on come Monday morning clicking the submit button. The start of one wild ride.

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