Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Marathons are for fast runners.

Marathons are only for fast people.. Everyone else should just donate their entry fee to a good cause and call it a day. And real bikers must ride bikes that have more than one gear, and the ability to coast.
I grow weary of the hate speech in articles like these. They only exist to get hits (and here I am providing links). I'm here to say, "If you want to run a slow marathon. Go for it!" If you want to ride a bike, or a fixed gear bike, DO IT! Whatever turns your crank, gets your attention and gets you movin. GO! Buy a dog and walk it. Run your first 5k. Do a hand stand. Claw you way to your first 16 hour 59 minute Ironman finish time. Let the nay-sayers be left behind, content in their misery.

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Myles said...

You said it! The strenght of triathlon is its inclusiveness. My wife found a bumpersticker that I think you could appreciate:

"'s the new fast." is how it reads.

And, I didn't follow those links.