Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It's cold. It's rainy. It's fast. It's drooling, white spot seeing, wheezing craziness.. Laughing all the way. It's what a triathlete needs post-season. Especially one stuck in the neverending quest of going longer.

A few rules...

  1. Try to keep up.
  2. Watch your tights on the dismount.
  3. Remount, best I can figure, is a jump in the air while your feet race your butt to the bike. Pray your feet win.
  4. 30, 40, or 50 minutes max queue, the X number of laps. If you still aren't getting asked if you're racing or not, you're doing pretty good.
  5. If you wear your HRM, it will think it was stolen.
  6. Head for beer/reward.

I did this cyclocross thing last year.. Much to my amusement. And have/had high hopes of hitting it again.. All the regular excuses pop up.. Birthday's, anniversary's, work, etc etc.. But dang it, as sure as I type this blog I vow to race a minimum of ONE of these and show my face and get lapped, shelled, dropped, spit out the back at the 2nd turn.. Laughing all the way.

If you too are a triathlete and haven't been exposed to the wreckless sillyness of CX.. Drag your bike out there.. or at least go watch (take a camera).. but beware my experience. One year I watched, I said "NO WAY!". The following year I was out there getting lapped like a dog, laughing all the way.

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