Monday, November 06, 2006

Vows (a fall update)

Oh how quickly I rescind my recent vow. Let's recap from my last blog entry.

"But dang it, as sure as I type this blog I vow to race a minimum of ONE of these and show my face and get lapped, shelled, dropped, spit out the back at the 2nd turn.. Laughing all the way."

Here I am after two weeks of no working out whatsoever, 2/3 of my "possible" CX races are past. And I'm still hacking up 2/3rds of my lung. For the squeemish, I decided not to provide the "proof" photo of my green oozing eye. Suffice to say, Doc loaded me up with sufficient drugs to kill all bacteria known to man, and maybe a few extra. Sorry folks, no Cyclocross race report this year.

I will have to plan for 2007, take a month off after Ironman Wisconsin. Then utilize my wicked year long base building to leg up and "nearly keep up" with the beginner CX racers. Place your bets now!

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