Tuesday, November 14, 2006

GO time!

I hereby annouce to those within readership of this post, I will consume no frozen diary treats for a trial period of not less than 18 days. If I get that far, I'll splurge for my birthday.

Ironman Wisconsin or bust.

Thank you for your support**. How'd that link get in there?

** Anyone catching JWM in an act of indescretion related to the subject matter of this post before the end of the aforementioned 18 days is hearby granted the right to shame me into tossing the creamy frozen diary product into the garbage. Worse yet, take a bite.. I'll toss it for sure. If you do so after the 18 days is up... Well, just don't.


it's only fuel said...

heya, saw your post on TNO...I too have given up the ice cream habit. It's been four months and I've lost 7 pounds. So, I'm living proof that there is life after ice cream:)

Stay strong!

bbieberitz said...

So is 18 the over/under? Where do we place our bets?

Triteacher said...

Must be a Wisconsin thing - I can't stay away from the creamy stuff either. Lovely, this dairy heritage.