Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pulling it off so far..

After that last post, I went right out and poked my thumb in the eye of a tri deity or two. Monday night I went for an unscheduled hour run. So, I was prepared for what might ensue. In reality, what happened was I swapped a few days around and a monday night run made some sense. We'll see what happens with the rest of the week though.

Mostly, thanks for the support and I think this week is looking up.

Someone talk me into or out of "racing" this weekend at a WEMS race. My mtn bike hasn't seen a trail since I blogged the Feb winter ride.. Seems like good clean IM training type stuff though, non?


yashuwa said...


jwm said...

hmm.. was it the word deity that prompted that comment?


Triteacher said...

LOL!!! Not sure what prompted THAT comment, BUT I do know what prompted this one...

It's your year. You're going to be an Ironman. Speed up and smell the roses along the way. In other words, DO the MTB race this weekend. A guy like you passing up on a biking opportunity?? NA!