Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Rules of Bike Improvement

Recently I've had random thoughts of how to improve on the bike. I feel like I've been improving*** lately, and I thought I should share with those that might be less fortunate than I. Here are ideas for improvement.

  1. Sign up for Ironman. Buy a "plan". If you do nothing else, do at least all the bike workouts. Yep, this is the long way around, but it's already working on me.
  2. Ride on the trainer.
  3. Ride with a Garmin 305.
  4. Ride with a Polar HRM.
  5. Ride in the winter w/ some mtn bikers you only see twice in 2 hours.
  6. Ride in the summer.
  7. Ride rollers (I suspect this would work at least - oh the shame).
  8. Ride while watching favorite movies.
  9. Pick longer favorite movies.
  10. Switch to favorite HBO series.
  11. Switch back to movies, but only long series of movies.
  12. Ride outside.
  13. Wear weather appropriate clothing. Which will make you less likely to wimp out early.
  14. Ride long enough that eating on the ride is expected.
  15. Ride harder.
  16. Ride easier.
  17. Do you know your LTHR? Do a ride to find it.
  18. Ride to a far away bus station, then ride back.
  19. Buy yourself some toys, like power meters and power cranks.. really anything with the word "power" works as long as you also increase the amount of riding you do as a result of said purchase.
  20. Ride hills.
You might notice a common theme among many of the rules.

What am I doing? Tuesday intervals, Saturday 3:30 ride with efforts, Sunday 2:30 (with efforts) /:30 brick.

*** improving - not AS slow as before.


Wrenching Winz said...

You forgot Fall off Rollers.

Triteacher said...

Hmmm... was the common theme that eating and watching a lot of TV bit? ;)

I for one, am getting out to ride, JWM!

T-8 to Waterford.