Friday, August 03, 2007

Open Source: Out of Left Field

I'm imagining that the vast majority of my readers are triathlete types (as if my volume of readers can be described as vast in any way). Here's one under the category of something different.

Open Source is more or less a way that people share ideas to make up new and bigger stuff.. Often the stuff is software. Sometimes it's software that does 3D animation. Sometimes it's sounds, and output of 3D animation software. Long story short, the world's second open source movie is going to be released. If you pre-order Peach, by October 1st you can even get your name on the credits. Mind you, if you hang out and wait, you might just be able to download and watch it. Like the world's first open source movie Elephants Dream.

If you ever saw a Pixar flick and wondered if you could do that. You really need to check out Blender. It's free software that will get you on track. I won't say it's easy, but it is wild stuff. So, try something new... You never know what's out there.

( Those who are wondering if I've gone off the deep end, I still know Ironman Wisconsin is 37 days away.)

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Triteacher said...

Now if only you'd put all that top stuff in the fine print and the last line in BOLD, I might believe you about the deep end. But as it is, you leave me to draw only one conclusion... ;)