Monday, August 27, 2007


OK, no excuses now.. I'm tapering. Time for a quick entry.

Random day 1 of taper thoughts:

  • Yeah, I spent a year training and I'm nervous that it wasn't enough. I realize worrying about it won't matter and I will remain calm.
  • It's a year, a ton can happen. It will most likely all happen in the last two (biggest training) months.
  • Things like the chicken pox scare.. and subsequent vaccine.
  • Things like extreme fatigue and a doctor saying, sleep it out.
  • Things like a good brother telling you "hmm.. Ironman training, IT pager, and not enough sleep.. Fatigue you say?"
  • Still, I pulled it together and did a couple last long (slow) rides.
  • I'm well aware of the cutoff times for the swim, bike, and run (9:20am, 5:30pm, midnight)
  • As much as it defies what I set out to do, the progress I made, and most of the entire year... I'm most worried about the bike leg.
  • I know I can run like a slow, slow freight train. Even tired. Even "dang I can't believe I was on the bike til 5:29pm" tired. I will run that marathon.
  • As discussed with my better half. I will finish. (because I'm NOT doing it again)
  • I can not believe how fast what minimal speed I had drained when I started going ironman long.
  • When does CX season start ?
See you out there. (follow link on race day for all day live video)

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Triteacher said...

Thanks for the link - will be watching you cross, JWM. (Cuz apparently it's the only chance we'll get. ;))