Thursday, September 06, 2007

One last look around..

I'm heading out to Madison bright and early. I think I have 99% of my stuff. If I don't, I really hope I'm not missing something important or expensive.

I'm excited. Quietly cautious. Optimistic. Expecting to get hit in the face with some reality. I did what I did, and if what I am now is not trained enough, then so be it. Time to smile, grab on, put the toes in the sand and wait for the gun to go off.

Just keep moving.


tosacrosser said...

Good Luck! I must say that I have nooooooooo envy for this event.

bbieberitz said...

I'll be there for ya brother. Go forward no matter how fast. Keep it moving! See you at the end!

Triteacher said...

99% ain't bad. Just give 100% tomorrow. ;) I'll be rooting for you, jwm!

Anonymous said...

a huge GO JWM, to my man. i was with him 5 years ago when he rode the course for the very first time, and it killed him. :) since then he has become a singlespeed cyclosser, fixie rider, endurance mtn biker, and now an ironman.

family first, every step, too. jwm rules today.