Monday, September 17, 2007

Top 10 Reasons the Cyclists that read this blog should try Ironman

You certainly don't have to. There are easily a top 10 of why not to do it. But, I'd be remiss not to mention these.

  1. You are probably from Wisconsin too. This is one local race not to be missed.
  2. Ever seen the TdF? Picture going up the hill on the way into Verona with crowds lined on either side, a foot or two away, cheering you on! Where else does this happen? Pardon me if you have actually raced in the TdF.
  3. You could probably do the bike section in less than 8 hours drinking and standing on your head.
  4. Buy a wetsuit, the swim isn't that bad. Just don't forget to lubricate. If you're really slow, start out front and just grab ankles all the way!
  5. If you decide it's not worth it for the medal.. You can bow out for the marathon. The bike was all you wanted anyway.
  6. If you didn't bow out, you get to run through Camp Randall. Maybe even up Observatory hill (or walk). Camp Randall on the field is something else.
  7. There is a remote chance you will get weather as good as I did.
  8. If you are semi-single, there is a shot there will be an Iron person in distress. Then you're buds can stop sending your super-mate pictures on their blogs.
  9. Remember the scene I described going up the hill in Verona? The finish line is even more packed with crowds, in less space. There are stands full of cheering Iron-maniacs. It's a rush!
  10. See 2 and 9, that's worth 3/10.
Peace. Hoping to recover for CX season.


Spandex King said...

Great list!! I'll let you know on Sept 8th of next year if you were right.

tosacrosser said...

Hey Jeff- you may never get me to do try a tri (like that?) but props are in order for you. What a great accomplishment.

See you on the cross course (yeah right!)


MTB Girl said...

But I can't swim. :-(

Triteacher said...

Camp Randall rocked. In all the boisterousness of my 2006 race, it had this eerie, soothing quiet. I agree with your list!