Saturday, November 10, 2007


What is it about guys and numbers?

I rode my tri bike on the trainer last night. I decided it needed some redeeming quality other than "much easier than rollers". So I popped the ol' cadence-o-meter on there. I spent some time just riding. Then I spent some time seeing what various cadences felt like. It's been some time since I used cadence, and I think I've improved my range over the year. Yay!

Who knows why, perhaps because it was my first day with it back on.. I had to find a max. It doesn't count of course, because I was shacking the bike all over and could barely read it. But it was in the 170's. Maybe next time I work on something like "max effective cadence".

Maybe it's better that I don't have a power meter.

Good luck Iceman entrants !! Go get 'em!!


Team Brazo said...

Holy smokes -- 172! My IronMan schedule has me doing some 110+ for 40 seconds and I feel like my legs are going to shake out of my hips.

Off to Kettle Moraine for some MTB -- tomorrow Viking Cross!

Have a nice weekend...

jwm said...


172 ain't training numbers.. 110+ for 40 seconds sounds good.

above 120 or 130 I'm bouncing all over.. it's a silly exercise in "how big can I make the number".


Triteacher said...

**Note: Even some of us gals like the numbers.

Trainer? Who needs a trainer in this weather?? :)