Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spirit of Racine - T minus 1 Week

Who's in?

It's been windy, bring your full aero gear!

See you out there!

In other news, my taper today consisted of the following. 17.5 miles of SS mountain bike riding on my own. Then strap a kid on a trail-a-bike with a kite and we headed down to the lake for some kite flying. Whee! If you haven't done that it a while, I highly recommend it. Then back home. Tack on a few extra miles logged there and call it a day.

Cheers. Next week we start trail riding, no?

1 comment:

bbieberitz said...

I will be watching the results from afar. I wish I was doing it with you again this year. You will have to pace off of Bowe this year now ;)