Sunday, September 12, 2010

What happened?

(feel free to skip to the end for the big finish)

It looks like I may not have posted in a good long while. What's been going on? I got into Chequamegon Fat Tire 40. Training has been up and down. Let's go back a month or 2 before I get to the kick.

Riding good, often. Not insane miles/hours. But I was getting out there.

Then we packed up the family and did an amazing vacation to Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Glacier National Park, and Yellowstone National Park. No biking, but the altitude and hiking felt like it was doing my lungs good.

Some of you may have been through the pile of work that hits you in the face when you come back from 2+ weeks of vacation. Well, let's just say mine was that pile and then some. It was basically 2 weeks of a pretty heavy oncall "fun" and sleep deprivation. I got through it, but any altitude gains were gone. I felt as if I was starting over, and only about 1 month out from Chequamegon.

New plan, just ride. I had zero for lungs and legs. I felt the opposite of snap. But I was riding again.

Fast forward to the point where my riding didn't totally feel like a lost cause. I was doing hill work and getting real miles in.

I cleaned up my Singular swift to "like new" quality. I put the badmamajama small block 8's on (thanks Rick). All ready for one last long trail ride before Fat tire 40.

(Here's the END part you skipped to.)

RAIN. Trails closed.

So, grab a road machine. Milwaukee Orange one is a favorite bike of mine.

Gatorade bottle full. Fixed gear bike geared for some leg muscle work. Day clearing up enough a road ride will feel good. Let's head out for 40+ miles and see how it all feels.

I will later find on my bike odometer 7.5 miles total. Some of these events are pieced together based on what I have been told.

A driver saw me on the side of the road, and called.

I recall talking to some EMT guy, but not really being in the ambulance.

I have some notion I was at the ER asking questions over and over.

Cat scan and some X-rays show I was normal enough to send home.

My helmet is busted.

My best bike kit, 29'n'sngl came back to me cut off. I'm highly appreciative of the medical help received. Obviously they didn't have time to appreciate the sweet full zipper action of TwinSix built kit.

I picked up my bike from the police station. It is fine. There is minimal evidence of some left side touch/rub of something (brand new new bar tape makes it obvious). All my injuries are right side. Does this mean someone nudged me over? I don't know. I could believe that or rider error either way.

I can feel my shoulder and my hip where I hit the ground. It hurts, but I"ll be fine.

Here's to healing quick and feeling like doing Fat Tire 40.

I'm very thankful for all that got me from the side of the road to "safe". I wish I had more story.


Team Brazo said...

Wow, that is a bit scary - glad all is ok.

Triteacher said...

Woah. You have no recollection. I remember mine clearly... that very clear realization that this is it, the hit. Glad you weren't seriously injured! Oh, and for the record, my EMTs didn't get the "sweet full zipper action" either; my clothes were cut.