Saturday, October 16, 2010

First Ride

Today, I hopped on my bike. I went out looking for that old demon that knocked my on my butt about a month ago.

I didn't see any demons. I'm not sure I would have recognized them. Being the first ride since the crash, it felt like the first ride in a very long time. Leaves were on the ground. There is no race to prep for. Everything seemed completely different. It was just "a ride". It was good to get out.

It was an easy ride, in that I didn't have anything but easy in me. It was hard, because easy still took plenty out of me.

As I look to future goals, I must admit it's hard because I'm oh so far from them. Yet if I'm not careful, I will attain the goals before i know it.

For today, I am just enjoying pedlin' squares on a beautiful fall day.

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