Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mistakes II

Short and sweet. I'm skipping my strides run tonight. But that wasn't the mistake. My mistake led to the missed workout.

Last night, things crept into my evening which prevented early hitting of hay. I woke up late and "off". I put in a 1/2 swim. Then off to work. Home from work late, and tired. I will sleep good as my penance, then it's a freshly LSD run in the morning.

Deep breath. This takes work. Getting the workouts in is easy. Doing it right, getting chores and work done, sleeping well, and still getting good workouts in.. That's when one wins.


Triteacher said...

You ain't just a kidding. It's the quality of it all that matters. Now I'm lowering my voice to a whisper for this next part... We all miss workouts now and again. And still become Ironmen in September.

But keep it on the hush-hush, OK?

MartyTheFool said...

Hey sometimes Life happens. It's only time to worry when it happens often. Keep it going, hope your knee s better.

The WI weather at least has improved, eh?

MartyTheFool said...

I forgot to mention:

I'll be at IRONMAN too, but as a volunteer kayak rescue boat. Whist your bobbing in the water, look for me to the left of the boat ramp in a blue boat. That's of course if you are even thinking about anything but the 2700 people floating around you waiting for the gun!

Hey it could be a good distraction. :-)

jwm said...

Marty, I"ll be the 6'3" guy in the last 100 or so swimmers.. with any luck, I'll get a few back on the bike.