Saturday, March 03, 2007


I can't believe it. I let up.

Today, "I want a CX bike" slipped out somehow in front of my wife. Now, mind you I have four bikes (at least). My fixed gear works wonderfully as a CX single speed bike. And if you buy into the fact that I could do it with one gear, then fine. I think though I might need the extra help of more gears. Blah blah blah.. I got Ironman to worry about for now.. So why let the CX bike slip? It's not really even on the radar yet.

I got the complete warranted/expected "you're not getting another bike now."... OK fine. I got now quarrel with that, for now.

Then I get, "you need to do a full season of races. Then you can get one." What? Can I head off to a season full of CX races every weekend all over Wisconsin???? Dang! And after being rewarded with that, I can buy a new bike ??? She must have been sleeping.

Long story short, I told her I'd forget the conversation (until after Ironman). I don't want her stressing over some non-existent bike purchase for another 6-7 months.. And, oddly enough, I feel good for having dropped it. Win win...

But don't think I forgot about the "do a season of CX races". Oh NO!!! If I can still walk after Ironman, I'll be considering getting muddy.

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Triteacher said...

Ha, ha, ha - on many counts!

#1) Your love of bikes is just plain nuts!
#2) IF you can walk after Ironman...
#3) Your poor wife needs a lawyer to help her seal up the loopholes when talking to you!

Last, sounds like you better get on one of your FOUR bikes and ride already!