Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Journey to Ironman Month in Review: February 2007

The days: worked out 17/28 days

193 days until race day.

This month's totals.

Swim: 10150 yards
Bike: 190 mostly phantom trainer "miles"
Run: 27.1 all hard fought winter Wisconsin outdoor miles (except 4.5 Michigan miles)

22 hours total.


I would have sworn I was ramping up running.. but then taking stock in the short month, horrid weather, and just plain busy-ness.. I suppose it wasn't as banner as I had thought. I normally consider myself someone who is not prone to the whims of the elements. Ice on the side walk is a different story though. As weather improves, I will need to get diligent about taking my run to my lunch hour.

Training highlights would of course be swimming entirely new distances (probably in my life), a 2 hour mountain bike ride in very low temps and on fluffy snow with some killa mountain biker crew.. Though, for all I know they headed for a hot chocolate, as they got away quick and I didn't see them until later. Bike trainer and a Superbowl the next day. Say what you will about the trainer, but it's better than no trainer and a bag of chips + super bowl.

Last/not least, the detractors aka excuses. On-call has begun. So go easy on me. I am doing more training on-call than I normally do (usually nothing). Never mind the "bug" mentioned in a previous entry. Also a couple of 7 hour bouts in the car to and from a funeral was necessary. I would say more about what a tough woman the world lost, but that's family stuff.

Next month: The training plan I bought starts. No going back now. It happens to coincide with the new DST laws that the country passed. Thankyouverymuch govt.. Just when morning daylight rides would be almost possible, let's move it up an hour.

Mantra's.. . This is my year. Game on!


Triteacher said...

Huh, I left you a comment yesterday, but I guess Blogger ate it. It was a really good one, but I can't remember it so I guess you're getting this second string one:

Sorry about the tough woman lost.

And good job on the training - it was only February, so no worries if your running wasn't exactly where you wanted it to be. Now come July, things'll be different! ;)

bbieberitz said...

nice numbers!! We wont even recognize you crossing the finish line!