Monday, February 05, 2007

Bike Junkie?

So, a guy gets into a sport (triathlon) it's a way to get another bike.
So, a guy goes mountain biking in 5 degrees and snow and he wants a single speed mountain bike.
So, a guy manages to get his entire backside handed to him in the two CX races he's been near or in. As a result, he thinks maybe a new shiny bike on a hook in the basement would be fun.

Who doesn't?

I say, it's okay to buy them (so long as the children are warm and fed). But you gotta do the miles first. I have the triathlon bike. Let's get Ironman done, then lust for the next one. Sure it's easy to get swept up. Gotta stay focused.

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Triteacher said...

Oh man, did I read you right, or what??

And - I just can't keep this a secret any longer - but I'm not posting on it yet - I'm getting a tri bike!!!!

Custom steel built for me. I get fitted on Saturday. Ya-hooooo!!!