Friday, February 09, 2007


That's right. Day 2 of my little T-shirt thingy. I'm going to do an easy one today. A very memorable race day T-shirt.

First, I have done all four Spirit of Racine Triathlons held thus far. 2005 was number 3, and my hope for really bringing it home after such improvement in 2004. I did abundant winter training. I was out biking in 15-20 degrees temps on my fixed gear. I paid. By the time the weather hit 50s-60s I was out of tights and in just my bike shorts.

Guess what? Race day was the first really hot day of the year. It was easily 20 degrees up the scale from what I had trained in all year. I tried to enjoy the swim, knowing what was coming. On top of the heat, the bike was on the windy side. I pulled in better trained, but right on time to my 2004 bike split. And worse for wear. I saw my wife and kids there. They were heading for a swim in the lake and I was taking my own dang transition time. I knew it was not going to be fun. But I paid to have this day and I was going to have it. Local residents and spectators with hoses saved me out there. I couldn't have finished without them. I had taken for granted the blissful race day conditions of 2004. When I finally hopped into the car after the finish, the thermometer read 100. I later heard a high of 98. And about the only thing I could hang onto was that I finished, as it appeared that about 1/3 of the entrants did not. By default, I had nearly made middle of the pack !!

Here's where the T-shirt really comes in. The next day I was at my favorite local coffee shop. I spied the yellow version of the shirt. The yellow one (I was sure) was for volunteers. So, I said to the woman wearing it "You volunteered? Thanks!!". Luckily she did volunteer. At first she gave me some runaround about "didn't she look like she could do the race?" I only saw yellow == volunteer. I swear. Lesson, thank all the volunteers. But do check they are volunteers! I'm certain she could tell I did the race, as I was barely walking.

That's TSOTD 2. Expect plenty more race shirts (probably half a stack from Racine), among other kinds.

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Triteacher said...

You earned that finish - way to stay tough in the heat! It seems to happen that way - I trained in heat all summer and IMWI 06 was not what you'd have called hot...

Tri-Moral: Expect the unexpected!