Thursday, February 01, 2007

Journey to Ironman Month in Review: January 2007

The days: worked out 22/31 days (12 of last 13 days)

209 days until race day.

Swim: 13450 yards
Bike: 124.2 mostly phantom trainer "miles"
Run: 45.53 mostly hard fought winter Wisconsin outdoor miles

The last 10 days or so, I've been trying out the frequency and character of my purchased ironman plan that starts in March... So far so good.. Sleep will be key. I'm not at all discouraged by an 8 hour week. Seems like a similar week would have not been impossible last year, but harder. Perhaps in the face of 11-17 hours / week, 8 just doesn't phase me.

I'm putting one toe in the water on the 5th/3rd 25k run in Grand Rapids.. We'll see how training toward that goes.. But right now, it looks good. My currently long run is only an hour. I don't think increasing it to 90 minutes will be difficult.. After that, we'll see. is predicting "possibly the lowest temperatures in a decade". Anyone want to ride? Bring your heat.

Feb 1.. slept in.. oops !

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