Monday, February 12, 2007

Inverted Run?

Quick entry then off to the showers and sleepy time.

Most of my "shorter" runs start with some sort of HR red line while my body says "What!?!?!?! Are we running again?" Then eventually my perceived effort comes down and I fall into a decent pace. Today, I needed a run. I also knew I didn't feel like I should be pegging anything HR, RPE, or any other TLA. So, I slowed it way up at the beginning whereby I avoided that spike. Then, like magic, I eventually fell into a nice pace. My overall pace came up a bit slower (but not tons), possibly explained by the slippery snow. I should try this "new fangled" pacing scheme again!

Oh and have I ever been so happy to see 22 degrees F? Never. It was beautiful.

Mantra: It's my year.
OH, It's SO my year.

1 comment:

Triteacher said...

I know - it feels like a heat wave out there. Gotta go through winter to appreciate spring - or even 22 degrees.

And yep, it IS so your year. Cool mantra.