Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Treadmill Fixed.

That's right. Five or so weeks ago (probably right before all the snow, cold and ice started) the treadmill broke. I should say _I_ broke the treadmill. How do we know this? The deck broke. I'm 200+ lbs. Enough data for all you folks out there in blog reader land?

Anyway, we called the LBS right away. Low and behold it was under warranty for a mere 2 more days. Thank goodness. So, JWM gets a free deck. I still get to pay 100 bux for the LBS guy to order it and spend his precious waking hours wrenching on it in my basement. Not to mention he had to corral some sort of international shipping incident in order receive said treadmill deck. Five weeks. These are the days of Internet tracking and me getting my Ipod from China in a matter sub triple digit hours. It's hard to imagine that a package coming from Brunei could get lost 7-8 times almost to it's destination and still be here in 3-4 weeks. Of course, maybe treadmill decks are made from wood on an island that you can only swim too. And that wood can't get wet.

But, my rant is over. Because NOW the treadmill is back, fixed, good to go. No more excuses about icy sidewalks (which ironically I ran on tonight). Just in time too, the training plan starts Monday.

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Triteacher said...

Ahhhh... it's back! Would you like me to send you the intervals I heaved through last night?