Saturday, December 16, 2006

Equipment Review -- Pearl Izumi Winter Cycling Getup

In celebration of me getting older, I decided to fork out some cash on winter cycling clothes. I've been doing it on the cheap for enough years (see blog entry from a few weeks back). So, here are the "results" after a week or so of riding this stuff outside.

I rode outside about 5 times in the new "getup". I rode in 18 degree weather, and plenty of 32-38 degree weather.

Without further ado, here is the new equipment list:

Pearl Izumi Gavia Jacket:

The number one thing about this Gavia jacket is it's warm but not bulky. I'm used to winter riding in clothes that act as resistance training against the wind. The jacket stretches to fit tightly. It doesn't bulk out or flap around at all. It has wind protection in the front and vents where you need them. Underneath, I have a standard cycling jersey and a long sleeve base layer for really cold days. The only thing I regret about this jacket is I didn't get one sooner. I have been eyeing up jackets like this for a few winters. Dang!

Pearl Izumi AmFIB Tight:

I went in looking for the jacket, and got carried away. This brings me to the pants. I'm normally fine with regular bike tights. When it's really cold, I need some extra wind stopper in the nether regions. As it turns out, the LBS had some wind stopper equipped pants. They keep my legs warmer than I think I really need them to, but I'm not hot in them. Warm legs does help the blood flow in the area I'm really concerned about. They provide more of an even protection than I was looking for. I really wanted super wind stopping power in the crotch, and regular leg protection. End result though, I'm plenty warm in these. I would wear them on the coldest of days without fear. I do wear regular bike shorts underneath. I have yet to get really rained on in cold weather, but these feel like they would hold up very well in such a situation (crossing fingers).

Pearl Izumi Cyclone Glove:

I would like to say I went three for three on the Pearl Izumi clothing. But, I think I made a mistake on this one. To no fault of the manufacturer, I just chose a glove that isn't as warm as I need it to be. It fits great. I just need something with a bit more weight to it. I wanted to get by with a thinner, more lightweight, but still warm glove. Well folks, here is no place to skimp on weight. I suspect these would be great gloves in 45 degree weather for me. So, I'll be sticking with my older, poofier gloves on cold days.

In addition to the great stuff from the manufacturer, I really have to give a thumbs up to the local LBS here. Wheel and Sprocket was very knowledgeable and helpful. Bike clothing online can be cheap, but I had excellent help from the LBS. I feel I couldn't have gotten that online without at least a few returns. (EDIT) I went out today in about 40 degrees F. I went meduim hard effort, enough to stay fairly warm. These gloves were perfect for that!

Last, but not least. If your out on your winter ride without a stack of Cliff bars, consider stopping by the local Great Harvest Bread Company for a little snack. MMMMMMmmmm.

Enough shilling for one day. For what it's worth, I am not sponsored by anyone. Nor did I receive money or goods for this review.


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