Thursday, December 28, 2006


As you may have read, I've got an Ironman coming up in September. So, it's getting toward go time here. I'm looking at a 9.5 month journey. Ironman or bust. At minimum, if I'm gonna lose some weight it needs to be very soon. Secondly, it's time to ramp up some workout frequency, if nothing else. Third, thank goodness I finally got a gym membership. I can start hitting their pool bright and early. All I need is a local 5k to start a baseline (a.k.a run an LT test). Then I'm set.
More on the weight. This would be weight loss plan # 587 of 2006 (or maybe plan #1 of '07). I'm ramping up already, but I can see it's going to be a tough battle. Basic premise is I can't do the 1/2 way "don't deny yourself stuff" weight loss plans. I'm going to have to go whole hog on each item I eat. The questions before I eat will be:

  1. What is in this food?
  2. Why am I eating it?
  3. How much am I going to eat?
  4. Does it help me get to my goal?
  5. If I keep asking these questions will I forget about this table of free chocolates sitting behind me at work while everyone else is off the entire week? (OK, maybe I won't ask that every time).
At this point I'm not expecting miracles. I'm not giving up ice cream again. I'll just want some serious moderation on the frozen dairy treat, and zero to VERY LITTLE other "bad food". I'm gonna have to up the H2O intake somewhat. Then we'll go from there.

Last but not least, once in a blue friggin' moon I gotta hit a group ride. No? It's about time to pickup my bike roof rack from the LBS. Then I will be able to drive my bike somewhere so as I could ride it in alternate locations away from home.

See you next year.


bbieberitz said...

like you tell me just get out there and do it! We will have to hit the IMMOO course a few times this year :)

Triteacher said...

1. Homemade Rum Cake
2. Cuz it tastes good.
3. As much as I damn well please.
4. Uh... goal??

There, I answered those questions fine! Now to my ru--mmmmmm cake.

jwm said...

Then again.. maybe I'll shorten to "what is my goal?". It gets the point across and I can eat quicker.