Sunday, December 10, 2006

RaNdOm NeWs FrOm ThE pAsT WeEk Or So..

First, I made it... I hit my birthday party without more than 2 spoonfuls of delicious frozen milk treat. And even since then Kopps has been gumming up their flavors with good for you things like nuts and turtles.. So, while I've had the stuff since.. I haven't been piling it on like I useta.. Mission accomplished.

Secondly, balance. It's been off kilter whilest I look for a brand new car. I found said car. And if I can give any advice to those looking for new cars out there.. Figure out what you want then just go get it.. Enough with all the Interent research/quotes/emails to dealers and such... And don't let them sell you the true-coat. Turns out I'm very happy with my new black civic sedan from David Hobbs. Shameless plug.. but there was no kickback for that link. Glad it's over.

I'm takin' the week off.. who's riding? I need something to slap me back into routine... Didn't I sign up for some Ironman or something like that next year? Someone remind me in April.

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bbieberitz said...

The new Civics are pretty sweet. Good choice!