Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Am I getting old? Because I do not recall 14 degrees F ever feeling this cold. I went to walk the dogs this morning, the thermometer read "14". I got out the "I don't want to be cold" coat today. It's like wearing the sun. I really think I wouldn't have wanted to ride my bike out in this today. Could be the warm winter we have is making me soft.. Maybe if I look at the "bright side", I'm preparing for a hot summer..


I am a whimp.. There were a couple guys windsurfing in L. Michigan this morning shortly after I blogged this. Carry on.


Triteacher said...

Hoh! You have to be kidding - windsurfing??

And I'll bite; what kind of coat do you have? I want to wear the sun too. (whimper..whimper...)

jwm said...

The coat is from Cabela's. It's one of those sorta ugly parka type coats. It's on the old side, but I bet they still sell something like it. Turns out I inherited it.. and it's so warm I can't get rid of it.

I also have a sweater made from alien sheep or something that is probably warmer than the parka. But it's shrinking. I wish it wasn't, it's not ugly. Not sure why I mentioned that.


bbieberitz said...

Some people are just nuts! I still think Lake Michigan is cold even in July, in way in hell I would ever, ever do that in January!

Allez said...

I wouldn't be riding my bike if it was 14 deg out! I rode a couple weeks ago when it was 35 deg and I thought my toes were going to freeze and fall off!

jwm said...

Allez, you do need the proper attire for sure.. I imagine it's easier to ride in 14 degrees if you're from Wisconsin vs if you're from Texas. Mind you, if you make a clothing error, it doesn't matter where you're from. You will be cold !

The only help I can really give you. Riding in 35 will make 60 seem like summer. This can be mostly good, unless you have a 100 degree race day (see Spirit of Racine 1/2 in 2005).

Bill, _some_ people are nuts! Ahem. Last couple of polar bear swims have seemed pretty tame.