Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My Ipod Nano with Nike+ hit 100 miles today on my 10k run. When I got back to home base, I connected and sent data into the mothership. Subsequently, I was transferred to a website that spits data back at me in pretty colors. It called my run a funny name. I wondered why, then I noticed my total went above 100 miles. Woot! That probably means I can get free shoelaces somewhere, right?
On the same day, I tried out my new shoes. Yes, I got some New Balance 767's. I went into the local running store just for another pair of my Saucony Hurricane 7's. Guess what. They had 8's and not 7's. The 8's didn't fit like the 7's. Undeterred, I asked about other shoes. Turns out I saved a good 35 singles (140 quarters for those of you who are of the vending machine spending style) on the NB 767's. Yes, I'm aware some of you savvy Internet types might be inclined to send me links where I can find more 7's. But, I've never really had a problem w/ the NB shoes. So, I gave it a whirl.
As exciting as that little paragraph is there.. Point is, I ran 10 k in new shoes. The felt great. Seems I've been running 3-5 milers for some extended time now. So, 10k was a bit of a bump up. But fun no less.
Top that off with the fact that it's my first two-a-day in some time too.. Shoot I may have to sleep in until 6:15 AM before I walk the dogs and ride my bike.

The happy ending here is I feel like Ironman training is getting a start. YAY!

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