Friday, January 05, 2007

Back In The Swing..

Quickie blurb..

So long ago I was doing two workouts per day (July-ish). Well, it's the new year and the beginning of you know what. Morning swims and noon runs are great. I really miss that from last year. If you haven't tried it, and you have the means. I highly recommend it. Never mind the unseasonably warm January weather, and my time off from work. Woot!

Hit the showers!


Triteacher said...

I'll have to try these recommendations; you earlier inspired me to get on my bike. Outside. In January. And it rocked! Thanks!

bbieberitz said...

As you told me many times before, get out and ride. Well since it is January and 50+ degrees whats your exccuse? I took the tri bike out for a quick one at lunch on friday and I am now in the groove! Racine training begins now! Anytime you want to start the talking smack let me know .....:)

jwm said...

Triteacher, I'm very happy when I can provide even the smallest of inspiration to someone. This winter it is almost hard to call it winter riding. But I'm grateful for all the nice days.

BB, I' been riding. Where you been? I can't much smack talk Racine, I'm not signed up.. It's likely I'll be camping that weekend.. All that swimming you've been doing, you should rock Racine. If I am free that weekend, I'm thinking of ditching the run and doing the aquathon and maybe 4 mile run after...

Also, if you're gonna pre-ride Racine.. I may ride down to racine bike course then do it and ride home.. That'd give me a good 80-100 miles. That and a trip or two to the real course..