Sunday, April 06, 2008

Getting Back at It

Yesterday, I got out with bro-in-law for his first road ride. We did an easy 25 miles in say 1:45. It was my first ride back since pulling some unknown muscle. So far so good.

Today, I decided to chance it and run. Near six miles, I dragged bro-in-law past the beach to see if we could find him a girl. No such luck. But I got my run in.

As if this wasn't enough of a test "getting back at it", when bro-in-law took off the family and I walked the dogs another good 4.5 miles. Great test of the ol' pulled muscles..

See you all at the pool bright and early.


Triteacher said...

So it's all good? Your unknown muscle is healed?? Yahoo!

Rural Girl said...

Wasn't last weekend nice?! Looking at about 3 inches of snow overnight tonight(4/11). I'm usually not much of a weather whiner (at least, I don't think so) but, I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!