Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where did they go?

I'm sure I was running well back in January/early February.. Where did those good runs go?

I will remain steadfast. I know if I keep at it. If I remain slow and steady, they will come back. Patience is easy in January. It's not so easy when the weather turns nice. Once the temps go upwards of 50's. Once the shorts go on.

It's nice to be back out there.


Triteacher said...

Oh man. I could write a book about being (im)patient.

Yes, it will come. And YES, the spring weather rocks!

Team Brazo said...

Wait, wait, I'm a bit confused -- you said "good runs" -- what the heck is that? Not sure what you're talking about...

jwm said...

Team B.,

Looking back at the so called data.. I see I ran a sub-1hr 10km+ in January, once. That must be the good times I'm talking about.

I was running frequently and more or less easily.. the frequency will come back..


bbieberitz said...

Just get back out there. Don't start tomorrow, do it today!