Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Saturday, I Ride

I have been riding the Trek 100 for the last several years, I am riding again this year. Admittedly, this year was put together very last minute. There was the promise of my daughter's first ballet recital scheduling conflict (which was resolved). There were work commitments creeping in. Though it seems I may be squeezing it in as the years come around. I'm happy to announce I'm riding in the Trek 100 this year to raise money for MACC fund.

In interest of full disclosure. I love to ride. This is not a chore to be frank. I do find myself surprised each year by how much perspective the ride provides me. It's not my everyday Saturday ride.

While I love to ride, on Saturday I ride for:

  • The names I know.
  • The morning of the ride, I will hear stories of the many children who have battled cancer. I ride for them.
  • I ride with the memory of Dad.
  • I ride for my (former) babysitter.
  • I ride for coworker's friend.
  • I ride for another coworker's band mate.
  • I ride for my neighbors.
  • I ride for those I meet at many a turn who've been brave in the face of cancer.
I'm not a high pressure fund raiser kind of guy. If you read this and feel moved to donate. Or just if you enjoy my blog. If there is someone you'd like to ride for but can't get out there to do it. Please donate here.

Thank you from those I ride for. Of course, thank you from me.

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Triteacher said...

Done! Me donating and you riding - hope it was good!