Sunday, June 29, 2008

Two-a-Day Workouts

I thought one 3 hour ride was good yesterday. Yet, it seemed like the day was missing something after Tee ball.

So, we headed over to Ben's on 10th. To pick up trail-a-bikes at a great price. I felt like we were getting the "twin discount" we used to get at all the car seat, baby stroller stores. OK we had to endure some screaming and carrying on whilst the kids revolted. (I tell ya kids these days don't know what's good for 'em.)

Once home, the instructions were simple from the store "just install the pedals". Well sure, and seat, handle bars, zip ties and protective cardboard... luckily in addition to a pedal wrench, I already owned Allen wrenches. I had to decide if I should leave the cardboard advertisement in the wheel for aerodynamic effect or not. (I took it out). Attaching to bikes went pretty smoothly... This was all done pretty speedily, due to the help of my 5 year old boy handing me tools.

Cutting to the real story. One was scared. One was excited. Once we got rollin' they were all similes. We rode down to the lake and out to a point where we could see back at the city. It was fun, fun, fun all the way. "Are you both glad we went to the bike store now?" "YAAAA!!!"

Opening up new roads is great.

A side note, I was recently listening to the latest Zentri podcast about "The Art of Letting Go". I find there is plenty I can and need to let go of. Yet at the same time, choosing the right new item wisely can open up a wonderful new experience. (Yes it was hard to go to Ben's and not ask about Rita)

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Texafornia said...

"Choosing the right new item wisely" is good. With Zen, there is no moral right or wrong, just skillful choices. Being able to make skillful choices all day long is what is considered enlightenment or nirvana. "The two wings of the bird of enlightenment is wisdom and compassion." Wisdom is the experience to make skillful choices. Compassion is helping others. You put them both together and had a wonderful experience.