Saturday, February 11, 2006

Back in Action

After a week completely off due to illness, I had a week of swimming only. And "swimming" meant very short workouts monday, wednesday, and friday. Finally, I hopped on the bike today. It was snowing here. Much of the day we were blanketed with big, fluffy snow flakes. The snowy weather was blamed mostly on the lake effect. With the Olympics and all the great motivating commercials on, it was impossible to skip the biking today.. It's good to be back.
I rode on "the rollers" while watching the Olympics. This was a bit of a brave thing for me. I'm new on rollers. I have a hard enough time staying on them without trying to watch ski jumping. But, I managed quite a personal success. Not only could I stay on the rollers with the TV on, I actually watched some of the Olympics. In additition, I managed my first "roller" related unplanned dismounts. No real damage was incurred. I'd guess one would not want to do that very often for best rim life.
Among other events, I saw the 15k skate skiing today. That looked like great fun. Maybe I can give that a shot in a winter or two..
Mantras of the day: Sleep is good.. Watch your intake.. I definately feel the tide going in the proper direction for the first time since I started getting sick.

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