Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Price of Dedication

This is what it looks like after I get up, suit up, and get the dog out for a walk. This is actually near the end of the walk, when it's starting to lighten up. It's always curious to me that there aren't more folks out at this hour. I realize it's cold at 5:oo am in Wisconsin. But certainly folks are reading the papers and cooking breakfast by now, right? It strikes me how quiet it can be at these hours.. It's true, there are other dog walkers. And even if there are breakfast cookers and paper readers, how would I know this from the sidewalk. Ahh well, not long after this, I'm grabbing my swim bag and heading for the pool. This year I swim until I learn to do so.. I can't give up on my stroke this year. It's coming around and just needs a little more care and attention. Then, I just can't forget about it.. We're almost there. Hang on... Posted by Picasa

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