Monday, February 06, 2006

Strep this on?

Do I have any cavaties? Was I at the dentist's office or just got ahold of a mini-mouth cam? Turns out my wife has strep. This is a pic of my mouth from the phone cam. I don't see any disease in this picture. On the other hand, if my throat gets much more sore, I'll be making a call to Dr. S.
This is all important to life as I know it. My resolutions this year include: training more consistently, losing weight, sleeping more, etc.. Most of which sums up to having more energy and being generally happier (for me). The bad news is, I can pick any one or two of these items and do them to the max. As long as everything is moving along smoothly, most of the things I do encourage the others to fall in line. As soon as work, family, life, or illness (mostly illness, brought on by excess work and/or not enough sleep) needs a bit more, the balance shifts. From there, it's not hard for all of these to fall out of line. This usually causes some seemingly extensive recovery period. Mind you, recovery is the right thing to do before going back into heavy workouts.
Long story long, I'm in one of those lulls. And mentally, it's tough to be there this early in the season. I write this as a reminder to keep my eye on the line and get sleep before it gets out of hand. On top of all this, it's Febuary in Wisconsin. I will ride out the storm. Posted by Picasa

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