Saturday, March 08, 2008

7 Things

I've been tagged by TriTeacher.

  1. I'm a computer, GPS, palm pilot, DSLR camera, tech geek kinda guy. Yet, I still own a broadcast only, non-HD, 20" tube TV as my main, living room "entertainment center".
  2. I have few vices. High zoot espresso drinks from Alterra top the list. A skim bullfrog is my favorite. It's basically a mocha with some mint in it. Last week I bought a new espresso brewer. This is in effort to curtail my $4 coffee habit. I will still get the beans from them.
  3. I played violin for 7-8 years growing up. I hated rock music. One day, I heard my brother listening to "Eruption" from VanHalen. A weekend shortly after that, I spent the entire weekend in his room, using his guitar. I played until my finger were raw. I learned a good deal of the notes. From there it was guitar city.. I have long since forgotten to play both with any proficiency. I still hold "write, play, record an album" on my "to do before" list.
  4. I'm a slow swim, bike, runner. It's wonderful stress relief either way.
  5. I am constantly suprised at how much of myself I see in my kids. I count myself beyond lucky for many reasons, my family easily at the top.
  6. Nearly everything I write is closer to stream of conscious, than plan.... Tomorrow this list would be different.
  7. I like computer security. It's interesting. I don't forward joke emails, Bill Gates will give you $1 emails, or any of the like. If you are one of these people, try Snopes first. If you say, "but JWM that ain't computer security." Then try something like this.
In that spirit, if you want to be tagged, you are.

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Triteacher said...

Very nice list - and done promptly! #3 is a surprise. How cool.